Only we have to decide, what we shall do with the time which is given do us.

David Farland

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The sum of all men is a book that was written by David Farland in 1998 as the first part of his Rune lords' series. It is a classical fantasy story.

We are told of young prince Garbon Val Orden which travels to kingdom of Hereon to get engaged with local princess Ioma. His plans are frustrated because the terrible Raj Athen attacks northern kingdoms and occupies Heredon. Royal family is kidnapped and the capital castle is captured.
Garbon received a great power and became the King of Soil. He rescues Ioma and her father. Raj Athen follows them into the old forest Dunnwood. There Garbon and Ioma find a great wizard which advises Garbon how to wield with his new power.
Raj Athen is afraid of new Garbon's power and he flies to the south where he could reorganise his army and recharge his power. Garbon and Ioma fall in love and get married. But they know in their hearts, that they have to prepare for upcoming war.
It is amazing story with many original ideas. But in the very beginning there are many things that need more explanation. When we will read it for next time, it could be more exciting, because we will know all relationships.

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.

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